Wolmerians and Friends of Wolmer’s, welcome to WAASF’s website, dedicated to providing information and preserving the traditions of Wolmer’s Schools. 

As we celebrate our 21st anniversary, the WAASF has continuously increased its commitment to the welfare of Wolmer’s Schools, building relationships with hundreds of alumni and incorporating members with graduation dates from the 1950s to the early 2000s. Our monthly meetings include a variety of discussion topics and occasional guest speakers, in addition to the Association’s business. Our meetings provide a time of fellowship, networking and planning. Association news, activities and updates are regularly posted online. We also use social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter), e-mail and the traditional telephone call as information resources for those unable to make it to meetings, but who still desire to stay involved. Donations to Wolmer’s schools and the evolving No Wolmerian Walks Alone project are welcomed. Wolmer’s memorabilia are available from our online store and off-line.

Through this website, we intend to keep our members and friends of Wolmer’s updated on the Association’s activities and upcoming events.  Our fundraising efforts are centered around assisting Wolmer’s Boys’ School and Wolmer’s Girls’ School to implement worthy projects, especially those that help to improve the overall learning environment of current students. Please support our 21st Anniversary Fundraising Gala on Saturday, July 21, 2018. Purchase Tickets Here!

We remain focused on our cause and the purpose of our organization.  As we desire growth in effectiveness, we encourage all Wolmerians to get involved – there is always more that we can do to assist our alma mater, improving the high school experience for current students, especially those facing various challenges.